AED 20

50 Grams

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  • We do deliver to all the emirates in the UAE


  • All orders placed by 5 pm will be delivered the next day from the order date. Orders placed after 5 pm will be delivered after one day.
    Special note: There will be no deliveries possible on Fridays. Any orders on Thursdays will be delivered on Saturdays.

Delivery Charges:

  • All orders will be delivered at a minimal price of 20 dirhams only. 



a calming and fragrant blend that perfectly embodies Turkey’s rich tea culture. The best hand-picked apricots from Turkey’s luxuriant orchards, known for their sweet and tart flavor, are used to make this wonderful tea.

Every taste of our Turkish Apricot Tea will take you to Turkey’s sun-kissed landscapes, where the fruit grows in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. The apricots are properly dried and combined with premium tea leaves to create a mellow infusion that is enticing to the senses.

Discover the natural goodness and exquisite flavours of sun-ripened apricots in our Turkish Apricot Tea, a captivating blend that transports you to Turkey. In every cup, feel the friendliness and hospitality of Turkish tea culture.

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