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Flat Kadayif With Walnut

Cevizli Duz Kadayif is a typical Turkish dessert comprised of layers of shredded phyllo dough (kadayif) filled with finely chopped walnuts and a sweet syrup made of sugar and water. Stacks of kadayif and stuffing are cooked till brown and crispy.

The term “Cevizli Duz Kadayif” means “smooth kadayif with walnuts” and refers to the dessert’s smooth texture, which is produced by brushing each layer of kadayif with melted butter.

Cevizli Duz Kadayif has a delicate and crispy texture, while the walnut filling has a sweet and nutty flavor. It’s usually served at room temperature or chilled, with walnuts on top.

Cevizli Duz Kadayif is a classic Turkish dessert that is frequently offered on special events and holidays. It can be eaten as a sweet treat on its own or with a cup of Turkish coffee or tea. Overall, Cevizli Duz Kadayif is a delectable and one-of-a-kind dessert that delivers a taste of Turkish cuisine and is sure to gratify anyone with a sweet craving.

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