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Pistachio Square Baklava

Pistachio Square Baklava known as Fıstıklı Kare Baklava is a classic Turkish Baklava made with layers of phyllo dough, butter and sweet grated carrot filling. The dough is moulded into thin, bite-sized slices and dipped in a hot syrup made of sugar, water, and lime juice. This syrup not only adds sweetness to the baklava but also helps keep it for several days. The layers of phyllo are carefully layered and toasted to perfection, giving Havuc Dilim Baklava its crispy, spongy texture. The carrots in the filling provide a slight crunch, complementing the enticing flavours of the phyllo and syrup. This unique combination of textures and flavours makes Havuc Dilim Baklava an outstanding dessert. Havuc Dilim Baklava is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed on its own as a sweet snack or served with a cup of tea or coffee. It is also a popular dessert for special occasions and festivals, making it a great addition to your party. Experience a unique blend of flavours and textures with Havuc Dilim Baklava, a delicious classic baklava.

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